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          The prompt recovery of your money is the number one priority of U. S. Impact, Inc. This is why we accomplish this goal with the ethical approach that keeps your reputation in mind. The use of licensed and credit-trained private investigators that work closely with our collection coordinators makes it possible to research all debtors within 24 hours.

      Our research begins within minutes after placement, and a quick understanding of the debtor's situation reduces the time needed to collect your monies. In addition to the collection of your past due accounts,
U. S. Impact, Inc. analyzes all non-collected accounts to uncover the possibility of a legal resolution. Getting judgments that cannot be executed can be very time consuming and costly. We have found that a very small percentage of accounts ever need to be resolved through legal means.

      Please call us if you have any questions. We look forward to a long and successful business relationship and trust that you will be pleased with our services in the future.

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