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     U. S. Impact, Inc. delivers unsurpassed service no matter whether your company places one account or one thousand accounts per month. No matter the size we treat each client with the same personal service that is rare in today's environment.

          Utilizing the over 100 years of business experience and 50 years experience in the collections industry of our founders. We offer a fresh and exciting approach to the collection industry. Our quick response program affords our clients the advantage of rapid recovery. Assignment of accounts within minutes of your placement and accurate feedback within 24 hours will improve your immediate cash flow.

Assuring Rapid Results Through:

Experience      -We offer our clients the problem solving techniques
                         developed over five decades of actual experience.

Products          -A wide array of commercial collection services, from
                          receivables management to collection of their overdue

On Site            -Private investigator network that can visit your debtor
Investigation   at their location to secure quick and effective collection.

Instant              -Instant same day debtor contact, which shortens the
Response       collection time and speeds up cash flow.

Customized    -We customize our collection efforts to meet your
Approach        requirements for each individual debtor. Today's
                         debtor may be tomorrow's customer.

Reporting        -We pledge to keep our clients informed throughout the
                         collection process through verbal and state of the art
                         written status reports.

Education       -Ongoing education with up to date methods for in-house

10-day            -Free demand letters that uncover a debtor's intentions
Demands       in a timely manner.

Profiles           -Free background research on potential debtors with large

International   -We offer international collection services for clients
                        who have customers outside the United States and Canada.

Learn about some of the
more common debtor
Warning Signs here.

Integrity -We operate within the guidelines of all applicable laws.

Maturity -Five decades of actual collections experience.

Professional -Highly trained credit professionals will assist you with all aspects of your credit needs.

Accountable -Prompt and accurate remittance to our clients.

Credible -Licensed, bonded and insured corporation.

Timely -Ongoing account updates of our efforts, both written and oral.

Hours of Operation:
24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week Contact Available